Windshield Repair

Professional and Fast Windshield Repair Service in Rockwall, Texas. When you let Rockwall Auto Glass fix your windshield, some of the best and most experienced people repair it. Each repair technician is certified professionals who have at least ten years of experience working in the auto glass industry. With technicians using the latest in tools and technology, we’ll get your windshield repaired faster and more affordable.

Why You Should Have Your Windshield Repaired Sooner

Windshield Repair

Rock Chip Repairs

Many drivers take small chips and cracks which occur due to pebbles and gravel impacting the windshield rather lightly. This, however, is a mistake, chips, and cracks, no matter how small can easily turn into a big problem if they are not dealt with immediately. Such small damages are also easy to repair and many auto insurance providers will also wave the cost of such repairs from the deductibles. It is for this reason why we recommend you get damages to your vehicle’s windshield, no matter how small they are checked out at your earliest convenience.

Kind of Damages That We Can Repair

Our auto glass repair technicians are experts at repairing most small damages such as quarter-sized bull’s eye chips and cracks which can be a few inches long. As each hit is unique, we prefer to look examine the windshield before recommending either a repair or replacement. Rock chips occur when the vehicle is hit by a stone from a passing vehicle. These can look like a bull’s eye with concentric rings emanating from the point of impact, star shape, and at times can even look like a half-moon.

How We Repair Windshield Damages

Our Rockwall windshield repair services are one of the best you can find here. We start by sucking the air out of the damaged portion of the windshield. Then inject it with a special resin which is designed to re-strengthen the glass. As a result, returning its structural integrity. Each repair work we carry out is fully backed by our lifetime warranty against workmanship and material defects. For Wylie auto glass service.

Mobile Windshield Repair – We Can Reach You Anywhere in Rockwall

With our mobile repair services, we can reach you wherever you are in Rockwall, Texas. Simply give us a call and one of the certified technicians will be immediately dispatched to your location where he can repair your vehicle’s windshield.

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